Who We Are

Who We Are

We're here to help you unlock the right doors.

HearthStone of Wisconsin is a not for profit organization based in Sheboygan, WI. Our members are people with disabilities, their families and friends and people within our communities who care about them. We offer assistance, guidance, advocacy and support in transition to and in perpetuation of community-based living. We believe in working together to help dreams come true. Dreams of Independence. Dreams of Respect. Dreams of Achievement. Dreams of Laughter.

For many people dreams like these may seem impossible or impractical. HearthStone members are dedicated to helping one another break down the barriers that appear to prevent those dreams from becoming reality. Our role as an organization is to facilitate, communicate and educate ourselves, our families and our communities to enable all people to achieve their highest potential. To dream the dream, and strive to live the dream. If you and your family are interested in designing and implementing sustaining individualized support systems for a family member who has a disability, then you may benefit from HearthStone. Our members share a common concern and willingness to actively support individuals with disabilities within our communities.

Our ultimate objective is to help people achieve their highest possible levels of community integration and independent living and to do so safely, securely and meaningfully.


What we are NOT.

We are not a human services provider.

We are not an "agency".

 We do not operate residential facilities.